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I meant to post about this a couple of weeks ago and forgot! I saw a photograph in a newspaper and a review of a TV show. The photo was a little blurry, you know how they can be in newspapers, and I'm sure one of the girls was Sheridan, or just a very good lookie likie! I can't remember the name of the programme but it was described as a kind of sex and the city type show.

OoO just had a brain wave and looked her up on and I'm thinking it might have been "Love Soup" or "Fade to Black". Anyone know anything else about these?

IMDB thing -

Just seen she was on Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes, which celeb did she do?
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Love Soup, probably. I saw that the other night with her in it, and it was her and two other girls talking about men, so that sounds SatC-ish.

Hope that helps.
Gutted I missed it!
It's Love Soup, hun.

I think she was just talking when Will was on there about a month ago, I didn't see it. x